The Marshall & Dyke Medals

The Marshall Medal

The Marshall Medal is awarded every three years.  It is awarded for outstanding service to the Association of Clinical Pathologists  and to clinical pathology.  Normally the medal will only be awarded to members of the Association though, exceptionally, the award may be made to a non-member.  Current Honorary and Assistant Officers will not be eligible for the award.

The medal will be presented by the President to the recipient at an Association or Council Dinner.

The Marshall Medal is named after Diki Marshall

“Clinical pathologists in Great Britain owe more to Diki Marshall, the retiring Chairman of Council, than perhaps any other individual in the last 30 years.  From the very inception of the Health Service he has vigilantly guarded our interests. The earliest battle in which Diki took part, and which was hard fought and won, was to establish that pathologists were graded as consultants rather than S.H.M.Os.  Since then he has watched over the development of the pathology services and those that work in them with an eagle eye.  Every statement relating to the specialty issued by Government departments and other organisations has been subjected to his expert scrutiny to make sure that it contained nothing that would be detrimental to pathology or to pathologists.  Every document is dissected with the same accuracy and care that he would devote to an autopsy or to a surgical specimen.  He has always combined this attention to detail with a farsightedness which few can match and Council will never be the same without him.  He has been President of the Association, Honorary Treasurer and Chairman of Council, and none have given the Association greater service.”

Recent recipients include:

Dr Geraldine Markey
Dr Nigel Stanbridge
Dr E Hugh Mackay
Dr John Gough
Dr Emyr Benbow
Dr Mike Galloway

The Dyke Foundation Lecture & Medal

The Dyke Foundation Lecture is given every three years at the National Scientific Meeting by an eminent member of the Pathology community.  The lecturer is also awarded the Dyke Foundation Medal. The lecture and medal commemorate the founder of the Association, Dr Sydney Dyke.

Recent recipients include:

Professor Sir J A Muir Gray
Professor Andrew Wyllie
Professor Sir Dillwyn Williams
Professor S Moncada
Professor Sir David Weatherall
Dr Bridget Wilkins
Dr Ian Frayling