Trainee Members Group

The Trainee Members Group of the Association of Clinical Pathologists incorporates pathologists in training from the disciplines of histopathology, medical microbiology, immunology, chemical pathology, and haematology; and represents all of the regions and deaneries in Britain and Ireland.

The TMG meets twice a year, and discusses issues of relevance to trainees, both as a collection of “junior doctors”, and within the pathology subspecialties. The most pressing concerns are in the broad area of training, and examination and assessments.

Members of the TMG also represent the views and opinions of the TMG on other ACP committees, including the Postgraduate Education Committee, the Specialist Advisory Committees on the Specialties, and to the ACP Council. There is a close relationship between the TMG and the “senior” members of the Association, resulting from these meetings, and the trainees are confident that their concerns are addressed by the larger group. Specific points which are deemed to be of sufficient importance to require action by the Association are discussed at Council.

For a lot of the current committee, the TMG is their first experience of committee work, and it is certainly a learning experience. The educational role of the TMG for the individual participants is important, but more than that, it emphasizes again the role of social interaction in the ACP. There are great benefits in meeting with members of disciplines within pathology that are novel from our own work, and many opportunities to learn from trainees in your own discipline.

The TMG is also involved in the planning and organization of a session at ACP Scientific Meetings. Entitled the Pathologists in Training Session, or PITS, the session is aimed at all trainees, and addresses an area of generic interest. Recent topics have included the planned changes to the Coroners system, Healthcare Management, and workforce planning.

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