Council Sub Committees

Finance Committee
Prof. P Twomey Chairman / Honorary Treasurer
Dr J Burton
Dr S Knowles
Prof. T Reynolds
Dr K Skordilis
Dr W Simpson
Dr M Wood
Credentials Committee
Dr S Knowles Chairman
Prof. T Reynolds
Prof. P Twomey
Dr W Simpson
Education Committee
Dr J Burton Chairman/Education Secretary
Dr I Chaudhry Scientific Meetings Secretary/Histopathology
Dr H Bourne Management Course Organise/Immunology
Dr B Wilkins Leadership Skills Co-ordinator
Dr S Knowles Past President
Dr W Simpson President
Dr K Skordilis Vice President
Prof. P Twomey Honorary Treasurer
Dr S Bowles Chemical Pathology
Dr PN Cooper Forensic Pathology
Dr V Devalia Haematology
Dr M Morgan Microbiology
Prof M Ilyas Molecular Pathology
Dr E Bevan Trainee Members’ Representative
Dr Graeme Watson Trainee Members’ Representative
Prof. T Reynolds Honorary Secretary ex Officio
Dr M Wood Chairman of Council ex Officio
Communications Committee
Dr J Burton Chairman/Website Content Editor
Dr I Chaudhry Vice Chair/Website Technical Editor
Dr S Bowles
Dr M Morgan
Dr P Lumb
Dr R Webster
Dr T El-Shanawany
Dr E Carling
Dr A Pugh
Dr M Clarke
Dr M Wood

Prof. T Reynolds

Prof. P Twomey

Chairman of Council ex officio

Honorary Secretary ex officio

Honorary Treasurer ex officio