Professional Bodies Date last checked
Royal College of Pathologists 7.11.14
British Medical Association 7.11.14
Department of Health 7.11.14
Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) ltd 7.11.14
NICE 7.11.14
MHRA 7.11.14
MHRA Safety Information 7.11.14
Human Tissue Authority 7.11.14
HSE 7.11.14
Journal of Clinical Pathology 7.11.14
British Medical Journal 7.11.14
Clinical Science Online 7.11.14
Pathology International 7.11.14
Journal of Pathology Link to Wiley Online Library 7.11.14
The Lancet 7.11.14
The New England Journal of Medicine 8.01.15
British Journal of Haematology Link to Wiley Online Library 8.01.15
Transfusion Medicine Link to Wiley Online Library 8.01.15
Transfusion Link to Wiley Online Library 8.01.15
Blood 8.01.15
Bone Marrow Transplantation 8.01.15
Haemophilia Link to Wiley Online Library 8.01.15
Forensic Pathology
British Association in Forensic Medicine 7.11.14
The Forensic Science Society 7.11.14
Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine 7.11.14
UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network 7.11.14
European Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology 7.11.14
Clinical Immunology Society 7.11.14
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 7.11.14
British Society for Immunology 7.11.14
Immunoquery 7.11.14
ACP Adult Immunology Training Days 7.11.14
British Association for Cytopathology 7.11.14
East Pennine Cytology Training Centre 7.11.14
British Society for Haematology 7.11.14
BCSH guidelines 8.01.15
Transfusion guidelines 8.01.15
Clinical Chemistry
Association for Clinical Biochemistry 7.11.14
American Association for Clinical Chemistry 7.11.14
Assay Finder Commercial listing of Assay Providers 7.11.14
UK National Institute of Biological Standards and Control 7.11.14
Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism 7.11.14
UKNEQAS National External Quality Assessment programmes 7.11.14
LTG (formerly London Toxicology Group) 7.11.14
Society of Toxicology 7.11.14
American Board of Forensic Toxicology 7.11.14 1931 Herbalist’s notes 7.11.14
Cornell University’s Poisonous Plants Database 7.11.14
Renal Pathology
Internet Dermatology Society 7.11.14
Educational Autopsy Sites
The Virtual Autopsy Undergraduate teaching resource 7.11.14
John Hopkins University Historical exhibit 7.11.14
Ed Friedlander 7.11.14
Ed Uthman 7.11.14
Charitable Organisations of Medical Interest
British Acoustic Neuroma Association 7.11.14
Breast Pathology on the Web 7.11.14
Pathkids 29.03.17
Clinical Virology Network 7.11.14
Other Useful Sites
IBMS 23.12.15
Pharmaceutical Technology Directory site for the Pharmaceutical Industry 7.11.14
Pathmax 7.11.14
Webpath 7.11.14
Pathology Outlines 7.11.14
123Doc Medical Courses Educational Lectures & online courses 7.11.14
MRCPPart1 Free educational resources 7.11.14
SBK healthcare Regional and topical conferences and courses 7.11.14
ESCMID European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 7.11.14
National Pathology Benchmarking for Primary Care 7.11.14 7.11.14 7.11.14 UK Endocrine Pathology Society 7.11.14
NHS Blood and Transplant Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) 7.11.14
Pathological Society A matter of Life and Death: Conversations with Pathologists
An online archive produced by Sue Armstrong and Olivia Bennett
IBMLS The Institute of Biomedical Laboratory Science-Laboratory Medicine 14.12.16