ACP Travel Fund 2019

The Association Travel Fund exists to give financial support to Members (especially Trainee Members) wishing to attend scientific conferences or undertaking educational activities overseas. It is not available for any purpose in the UK or Republic of Ireland unless application to other sources has been unsuccessful or has only covered part of the cost. The criteria used by the Education Committee in deciding if a grant is to be made, and the amount of it, are given below. Members wishing to apply for a grant are asked to read these and to complete the application form.

1. The scientific content of the conference or other activity must be high and professionally relevant to the applicant. The activity specified should give the member additional experience in his/her specialty and assist in furthering his/her career. Trainee members must have the support of their educational supervisor who is required to countersign their application form. Applicants seeking support to attend solely educational courses i.e. those with no input from novel research will usually be directed to a career development grant and encouraged to combine their attendance at the course with a period of hands on experience to consolidate their learning experience.

2. Grants will only be awarded if evidence can be shown of failure to obtain adequate funds from other sources. The Travel Fund will consider “top-up” grants.

3. Requests from members who have no access to special funds will be given particular consideration.

4. Grants will not normally be awarded to invited speakers.

5. Retrospective applications for periods of study that have already been undertaken will not be considered.

6. Successful applicants are required to contribute a 1000 word summary of the meeting for publication in ACP news, outlining the experience gained. Reports must be submitted within 6 months of the completion of study or funding will be withdrawn.

7. Applications will normally be considered at quarterly Committee meetings and applicants will be informed of Council’s decision after the meeting. Only one grant to applicants from the same subspecialty per meeting can usually be approved.

8. The annual allocation to the Travel Fund is set in January. The total fund available in 2019 is £7000. Should funds be exhausted before the year end, grant applications will be returned.

9. A maximum of £500 can be allocated to successful grant applications for UK educational activities or, at the Education Secretary’s discretion, a maximum of £1000 for overseas educational activities.

10.  The maximum award that can be made to a member of 6-12 months standing is £500.

11. Not more than a total of three grants will be awarded to any one member, but there is no restriction of frequency of application.

Please return completed form by post to:

The ACP Education Secretary

Association of Clinical Pathologists
189 Dyke Road

Tel: 01273 775700

and also by e-mail to  

You can download an application form in PDF format.