ACP Incentive Prize for Junior Doctors 2019

These awards are available to any eligible junior doctor (that is prior to beginning specialty training including F1 and F2 years) who submit work demonstrating the importance of pathology in the practice of medicine. Applicants can be practising in Great Britain, Ireland (or overseas under the supervision of an ACP member).

Suitable submissions include:-

    <l3″>An audit project

  • An essay highlighting a particular aspect of pathology and its practice (including travel to experience an aspect of pathology not available locally)
  • A questionnaire based project
  • An outline of work done in helping in a research project

A maximum of five prizes, of up to £100 each, will be awarded annually for the best submissions, which must be made by the closing date 1 April 2019. The ACP Education Secretary and other members of the ACP Education Committee will independently score each submission and a decision will be made at the following ACP Education Committee (usually held in May).

Entries for this prize must be submitted before 1 April 2019

Please return completed form by post to:

The ACP Education Secretary
Association of Clinical Pathologists
189 Dyke Road

Tel: 01273 775700

and also by e-mail to

You can download an application form in PDF format.