ACCEA 2019

2019 National Clinical Excellence Awards


The Association of Clinical Pathologists is hoping to be able to support nominations for national Bronze, Silver and Gold Clinical Excellence Awards as in previous years.

The ACP is allowed to support only a limited number of nominations.  ACCEA set quotas for Bronze, Silver and Gold award nominations based on the number of eligible consultants within the Association.  The ACP is keen to support its members as effectively as possible in achieving higher awards.  Full details of eligibility, etc. can be found on the ACCEA website:

If you wish to apply for a National Award in 2019, you should self nominate and send your completed CV questionnaire electronically to ACCEA or SACDA by the relevant closing date. Experience has shown that to be successful in achieving a national award, it is vital that you have local support in addition to support at national level. In exceptional cases, where candidates feel that the level of local recognition is not appropriate, they can still apply for a national award and it would be helpful if they could explain the exceptional circumstances.  Guidance is available on the ACCEA website in “Frequently Asked Questions about the Clinical Excellence Awards Scheme”.

If you would like the ACP to consider your application in its ranking process, then please send your completed application electronically to by Friday 8th March 2019 Submissions should be accompanied by a covering letter giving evidence of how you have contributed to pathology and/or the Association at branch/regional or national level. The ACP sifting and ranking committee will use these letters to help in the preparation of citations but they will not be used to rank applications. Please note that the ACP is only required to submit a ranked list of names and supporting citations. It is your responsibility to register via the ACCEA website and to submit your CV.